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Why Virtualization

(non IBM i)

Virtualizing your data storage increases performance (throughput) and utilization of your existing hardware.  Savings continue as you add additional off the shelf storage.  Your data is protected by the built in HA solution.  


SANsymphony adds the ability to use existing storage, improved performance, cuts your cost and provides scalability.



Use Existing Storage

You already have an extensive investment in data storage, why not use it?  You can with SANsymphony.  You can add additional off the shelf storage as needed.

Improved Performance

Extensive use of caching, look-ahead data retrieval, tiered storage, and the ability to pull data from of the connected SANsmphony, work together to provide faster throughput. 


You can start with 2 and grow to 64 nodes.  Need lots of storage, no problem with our 64 PB storage limit.  You can add storage as you need it. You can use different storage devices on Source and Target.

And built in HA

HA services allow you to link 2 or more SANsympony together to provide you with real time data protection.  Failovers are handled automatically, providing you with seamless data access. on any severer included in the  replication group.

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