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Limited downtime migrations and server consolidations are a major part of iSam Blue’s business.  We make them easy by doing real time replication, using state of the art software, highly trained professionals, and proven processes.   Our unique process takes 2 weeks our less, requires a few minutes of down time, includes time for your users to test, and best of all, you cutover to the environment that you tested, not and environment that was just restored from tape.



What is included?

Our process includes all the steps, forms, and instructions needed.  We assign one of iSam Blue associates to handle the replication. 

Continually Improving

The process has been used dozens and dozens of times, but we are never satisfied.  After each migration, we have a meeting to see how we can improve.  Over the years, these small improvements have made iSam Migrations faster, easier, and helped us to reduce the price. This attention to detail insures you iSam Blues processes stay the best in the business.

Replication Software

We use iSB-HA because it is the best replication software.  We know we can trust it to keep the target in sync.  iSB-HA includes extensive security, outstanding syncing processes, and a fast apply process.  Its accuracy results in few objects having to be resynced.  iSB-HA is the reason we can perform migrations at such reasonable rates.

User Involvement

Over the years, iSam Blue professionals have found that your “Super Users” involved in the testing not only help with testing, but they take ownership of the process.  They become your greatest advocates.  One of your IT people will work with us from defining what is to be replicated thru the final signoff.

This must cost a fortune!

All this must cost a fortune!  Other vendors service does, but experience, the right software, and constantly improving our process over more than a decade allows us to offer rates of at $5,000 per migration, with additional fees for Storage over 1 TB.  Now, can you really do it yourself, limit your down time to a few minutes, and include testing for less?

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