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iSB-HA uses State of the Art technology to provide complete replication for your IBM i.  What makes iSB-HA different? We took the complexity HA on the IBM i is known for and pushed it under the covers, added additional replication options, and wrapped it all in an easy to use interface.

iSB-HA is priced for almost any budget!



iSam Blue is proud to announce the next level of switching, "Unattended" switch!  Call for details!

Easy to Use

iSam Blue has taken IBM i HA’s complexity and pushed it under the covers.  We replaced complexity with simplicity.  The use of single step configuration and processes has made iSB-HA the easiest HA product to use and understand.

Objects Replicated

iSB-HA replicates System Values, Exit Points, SNADS, TCP Configuration, User Profiles, Library, Library objects, Directories, DOC’s, Directory objects including symbolic links, ….

Outsanding Object Replication

iSB-HA gives you a choice between syncing by object or using IBM i journaling.  You choose the type of compression, the communication method, how often/time of day, and much more. You can even choose to replicate an object, store it on the target, and restore it when you want.

Rock Solid FAST Apply

iSB-HA’s apply process is fast, accurate, and reduces the number of re-syncing request.   Just in case, we include autonomics to handle any error that occurs.


iSB-HA recommends using remote journaling, but we offer the old harvest on production option all but abandoned by the industry.  Choose between 2 types of compression, 2 types of encryption, tunneling, and more.

Configuration options

iSB-HA can be used to replicated 1 source to 1 target, 1 source to many targets, daisy chain, replicate to self, and/or a combination.  You can replicate from one directory, library, or output queue and update the same directory, library, or output queue or to a different directory, library, or output queue on the target.


Choose between our one step monitor, enterprise monitor, and/or the phone home monitoring or better yet, let iSam Blue’s monitoring department handle it for you.

Switching made easy

iSB-HA allows you to predefine your partitions and actions to be taken, combine them into as many different scenarios as you would like.  You choose, one step switch (Source and target) or our revolutionary “Unattended” switch.

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