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iSam Blue's


iSam Blue began as the brain child of  Seal and  Mandeles, and Southwick,  ie: the name iSam Stands for i for IBM, S for Seal, A for and, and M for Mandeles.  


Seal was the orginal designer and developer of what became iTera HA and managed the consultants for a time for both iTera and Vision Solutions.  


Seal knew he needed more experience  marketing,  

developing a partner network, and to have a constant cash flow, so he choose to work with an HA software company who could not get a footing in the American Market.  He quickly learned two lessons, channel managers have little control over the end product and it is all but impossible to control the quiality of the services provided by resellers.  


Seal reinvented iSam Blue, created our own HA product for the IBM i, focused on providing the best products at the best prices.


Seal has started to select a few, customer centric consulting firms as refering partners.  

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