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iSam Blue specializes in one thing, data protection.  We offer a full line of data protection products and services for most types of servers.   



HA for the IBM i

iSB-HA is a collaboration between our vendors, customers, and iSam Blue that combines state of the art technology in an easy to use and understand interface.  

IBM i HA Monitoring

Do you really have time to monitor your HA solution daily?  More and more customers are opting to have iSam Blue’s monitoring department handle the monitoring and upgrading of iSB-HA for them.   

Limited Downtime Migrations

Let iSam Blue take the work out of migrating to your new IBM i or consolidating your IBM i servers.  We have the experience, processes, and software to ensure that your data is replicated correctly, you have time to test, and it’s all done in 2 weeks or less.  Downtime is limited to a few minutes at Cutover.   

HA for Non-IBM i serers

SANsmphony turns your existing and off the shelf storage into Virtual SAN that increase your data flow and provides excellent HA protection.  

Non-IBM i data Virtualization

Reduce cost, faster throughput, easy to use, provides HA protection are just a few reasons why we recommend Virtualizing your non-IBM serve data.   

Cloud Services/Hosting

iSam Blue offers a full line of hosting services, using our hardware or yours.  We host Backup, HA targets, and Production IBM i’s. We understand that each customer has different needs and work to insure our services are tailored to those needs.        

iSam Blue unique support 

iSam Blue has the best support that you will never need!  Big support staffs are a symptom of things gone wrong.  We analyzed what caused support issues and have worked to insure……     

More on our Unique Support

About iSam Blue

iSam Blue whole business is protecting your data.  We started the fall of 2008, just as the housing recession hit, and been going strong ever since.   Our focus ....    

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