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iSam Blue President Robert T. Seal is a business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery expert.  He worked on the initial
design and development of what became the first function rich, low-cost high availability solution, iTera HA, now owned by Vision Solutions.
Seal founded iSam Blue in 2009 to help companies across North America implement business continuity solutions to safeguard their business
After an initial misstep working as the Master Distributor for another HA company, he focused his company on one thing - protecting his customer's data.


Seal's focused his company on providing the best products, at a fair price, backed by the best services and training.  The result? iSam Blue is protecting more customers than ever before and the rate of growth is astounding.


iSam Blue doesn't sell hardware, software for other applications, we only sell Data Protection products and services.  Isn't it time you take a look?