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Storage Virtualization

Software that Optimizes Your Storage Devices

Consider the 3 dimensions to virtualization and their relationship in the IT hierarchy. At the top and middle of the stack, virtualization software from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix enable users and applications to float between different desktop devices and physical servers without concern for their underlying hardware differences.

Furthermore, these sophisticated hypervisors and VDI software move virtual servers and virtual desktops from one physical machine to another without having to take down applications. They effectively insulate users from shifting hardware variables occurring underneath. DataCore is the Storage Hypervisor.

Storage Hypervisor Definition: A portable, centrally-managed software package used to enhance the combined value of multiple disk storage systems, including dissimilar and incompatible models, by supplementing their individual capabilities with extended provisioning, replication, and performance acceleration services. Its comprehensive set of storage control and monitoring functions operate as a transparent virtual layer across consolidated disk pools to improve their availability, speed and utilization.


DataCore applies similar principles to storage where even more hardware volatility is likely. As we all know, rapid technology innovations soon render obsolete today’s biggest, fastest storage devices to be replaced by another generation of more attractive gear.

Our storage virtualization software maintains smooth operations, consistent performance and a perpetual suite of advanced functions despite changes, disruptions and differences in the underlying equipment. In other words, the stable virtual infrastructure remains in place while hardware comes and goes.