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Keep users and applications running undisturbed despite the general storage upheaval occurring behind-the-scenes 

We help you to maintain business continuity by emulating a standard, multi-ported, co-located shared storage resource that is physically separated between facilities some distance apart. The current practical limit is around 100 kilometers. For some IT facilities, the mirrored halves of their DataCore virtual storage pool are housed in different floors on opposite sides of the same building. Others choose to split their pool between buildings on the same campus. Those with data centers on opposite ends of a city enjoy the most protection, often using a co-location facility for the other hot-site.


The storage devices at either end may be different models and brands, depending on what you have available. Essentially, both mirrored halves of the pool are always active, generally servicing the workloads closest to them. When either half of the storage infrastructure (or the facility that it resides in) is taken out-of-service, the other half automatically takes over without applications sensing a difference. The hosts continue to read and write to the same virtual disks unaware of the chaos occurring in the background. After the affected half of the storage infrastructure is put back into service, the mirrored pairs are automatically resynchronized